Thursday, January 31, 2013

I do appreciate your prayer.

The house not selling is mostly creating a place where we are forced to wait for Gods perfect timing. We are dangling, our feet off the ground, unable to move forward, yet enjoying talking about the future, sorting through our ideas and dreams...
At the same time, so many things are unfolding beautifully. The kids have settled in amazingly well, they love it here, are making friends, finding jobs. Dylan has been approached by the church to see if he would consider doing an internship working with the youth. Maddi is working at Safeway and Sophia at DQ. Sam has made friends. He's moved away from the computer and gaming and is now into BMX biking, he rides his bike ( bought with his own $) all over town. He was offered a job at the community youth drop in centre. Novalynn has been pouring herself into school and studying incredibly hard, she's shooting for a's. Bella is at CBC in the Ece program and is getting all A's. she's loving it.
God is pouring out his blessings on the kids in such amazing answers to prayer.
So while the lump in Tyler's leg has the potential to be serious, it could also be benign, and what ever it is, it already is. Finding out what it is will be an opportunity to choose to praise God in everything. I realize that might sound trite, but I'm being sincere. God allows in his wisdom that which he could easily prevent by his power.
Tyler and I haven't made any connections at church yet, but are attending a meeting tomorrow night for "new folks" :) so we'll see what becomes of that.
Some moments I do worry, my imagination runs away with all the possibilities of what cancer would and could mean, mostly at night, when there's nothing but the dark to look at. But it's only a war, and I know how to win it. I recite the 23rd psalm in my head till I fall asleep, and in the morning I wake up refreshed and renewed. True story.
So, pray for us, from a place of gratitude and victory, pray we wouldn't lose sight of Jesus, or get caught up in the world, or get too busy to see gods hand in our kids lives.

Much love,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teen Paint Color's

The DiGuistini family has developed a brilliant new paint line. We expect it to be hitting the designer stores really soon. And by really soon, I mean sometime after Vancouver is officially Canada's most western dessert. Without further ado:

Skin tag pink
Black eye purple
Zit white
Blackhead brown
Passout pale
Lungbutter Ochre
Pinkeye pink
Toe jam Taupe
Blood vessel blue
Fingernail fungus green
Unbrushed enamel yellow
Furry tounge cream
Bile brown
Scab brown
Knuckle skin white
Fail blush
Booger lime
Scalp snow white
Pink blurr
earwax orange
pizza knees ( faux finish) also makes a good stencil.
Belly button bonus white
stretch mark mauve
eye sleep yellow
crusty cream white

I think "painting your own room" will be fun this time around. Don't you?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hair Razing

I have resolved to no longer do my hair while in my blue fuzzy bathrobe. I am consistantly  decieving myself and it must stop. What happens, is I finish my hair, look in the mirror, and think, "hey, not a bad 'do" Whereas, moments later, I get dressed, go back to the mirror and think, "Hey lady, where's your bathrobe?"
 Speaking of self deception, Tyler lovingly pointed out that before I could "Vulcan mind trick" him, I might want to make sure I am actually, indeed a Vulcan. 
Where art thou, oh sweet reality?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not for the weak...

Monday .... homegroup, Tyler and Lara
Tuesday.....youthgroup , Dylan, Bella and Maddie
Wednesday.... AM Lara's bible study, PM Guides....., Sophia and Novalynn... IN the basement: younglife Club
Thursday.... Dylans soccer practice , Tylers men's group
Friday.... free
Sat... Dylans soccer games
Sunday... Church, all of us.
I just wanted to see it in writing so I can really absorb it. Ouch!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Yesterday, Sam is leaving to walk the dog.. He's actually going to this chore willingly as he has decided to rollerblade with Ernie. It's an " I can't watch" event for me however, and I sent him out the door with several warnings. " Don't let Ernie start running or you won't be able to stop him" He opens the door, " Stay off the road" as he steps sideways down the front stairs " Is your helmet tight enough?" not even a backward glance at me... "Watch out for cars, I don't want to scrape you off the road" It turns out that was one nag too many for him, cause he shot back "You ALWAYS say that! Maybe you actually have a burning desire to scrape me off the road and you just havn't acknowleged it!!"

who writes for this kid?

The Length of my Table

A Cracker box, cards and a banana peel ( mine)
A Chapter book with a red plastic ruler for a bookmark
a snapped elastic
a pen with no-more-ink.

multi colored magnets shaped like alien DNA.
plates enshrining after school snack crumbs
Velvet covered pencils and mini lunch containers.

mugs sticky with loved hot chocolate drops.
boots with pink fur trim ( hey! feet off the table!)
a bright blue brush with black curly hairs.

a pencil case full of tiny plastic treasures
agenda's full of teachers' wishes
yo - yo's beside silver candle sticks.

All on my table, all part of my day,
all left by pages from my hearts book.
Chicken pie in the oven and a cousin
for a dinner guest.

We are blessed.